Ifor Williams Plant Trailers

MR Quality Trailers presents the plant trailer range from Ifor Williams for sale in Meath. Ifor Williams plant trailers are designed for transporting different types of machinery. There are three models of Ifor Williams plant trailer to choose from at MR Trailers; The GP, GX & GH Range.
The ifor Williams GP series is regarded as the toughest trailer range in the industry and come equipped with an open rectangular steel framework which is built into the chassis. The GP models have a maximum gross weight of 3500kg ranging from the smallest GP106, to the largest GP146 trailer. The GP plant trailer models are available in tri-axle versions and are fitted with three different tyre sizes.
The Ifor Williams GX Series are built with folded pre-galvanized steel sections, with filled-in sides for greater flexibility. GX plant trailers can be purchased with hinged adjustable skids or a full-width loading ramp with the addition of a built-in bucket rest as standard .Ifor Williams GX Trailers range in size from the smallest GX84 up to the largest GX126 and the models come with maximum gross weights of 2700kg and 3500kg
The GH range of plant trailers is the latest model of plant trailer in the market. GH plant trailers are built using galvanized welded steel and fitted with leaf spring suspension making sure that the trailers withstand the tough conditions on Irish roads.